Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stampalicious Monday!

This is one lucky Dawg let me tell you! I started off with a great idea and this looks nothing like my original plan!

I started with dp, switched to a tempting turquoise cs, tried adding some pink but it didn't go with my original image so I switched to the garden green. Just as I was getting ready to glue my image to the card I smudged it with ink that I had gotten on my fingers by trying to use a sponge for more than one color (aaaarrrrrrgggggggh, very frustrating). So I pulled out another stamp set and started over with a completely different image and once I stopped being so cheap and used a new sponge I was able to complete my card! Whew! This one took all day folks!

I made this for our Stampalicious Monday over on the Totally Stampalicious blog! Can you keep a secret? Shhhhhhhhh, come closer, (whisper) I don't think I can win this one! lol Of course I can't but you can so get on over there and post your creations! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. See what happens when you try to hoard!!! Tsk! I thought after moving aalllll your shtuff you'd realize you have more than enough...LOL!! Your end result is the mesh!!!

  2. Very fun and so cute. I like the shape of this!