Thursday, July 16, 2009

Marker Tower Tutorial!

My oldest son loves to use my markers whenever I will give him the chance. However, as we all know how expensive copics are he very rarely gets to use them and constantly is bugging me for his own. Since he is on holidays with my parents right now I thought I would buy him a set of markers and then make a container for them and tell him that they are his own special markers so maybe he will leave my copics alone (yeah right!).

Anyways, here is the tutorial so that you can make your own marker tower. If you decide to make one of these please leave me a comment with a link to your marker tower or if you are uploading to splitcoast please use keyword "ab246" so that I can see your creations and leave you a comment.

Materials you will need:
· 6 sheets of black cardstock
· 2 – 12X12 sheets of matching designer paper
· 1 sheet of matching cardstock
· Paper trimmer
· Scor-pal or other scoring tool
· Bone folder
· Sticky strip or other strong adhesive

1. Cut your black cardstock into 5 ½ inch by 2 ½ inch strips. You will need to cut 28 for this project.

2. Place one of your black cardstock pieces into your Scor-Pal with the 2 ½ inch side at the top. Score at ½ inch, 1 inch, 1 ½ inch and 2 inches. Repeat this with the other 27 pieces of black cardstock.

3. Fold your black cardstock on all of the score lines using your bone folder.

4. Add sticky strip or other strong adhesive to one end.

5. Fold your cardstock into a square and adhere the two ends together.

6. Repeat step 5 with the other 27 pieces of black cardstock so that you end up with a pile of squares like the ones shown.

7. Add sticky strip or other strong adhesive to three sides of one of your squares.

8. Adhere a square to each side.

9. Add sticky strip to one of the ends and adhere another square. It will now be 4 squares wide. Add sticky strip to the bottom of all of the squares so that it resembles the picture shown.

10. Continue to adhere your squares together until they look like the picture above. I have made my marker holder 4squares wide by 7 squares long. It will be enough to hold 28 markers.

11. Cut a piece of black cardstock 3 ¾ inches by 11 inches.

12. Place your cardstock in your Scor-Pal with the 11 inch side at the top. Score at 4 7/16 inches flip and score again at 4 7/16.

13. Add sticky strip to the outer two squares of your cardstock.

14. Adhere your cardstock to the squares as shown in the picture above. This will keep your markers from falling through as well as strengthen the overall structure.

15. Cut a piece of designer paper at 5 5/8 inches by 12 inches. I used a designer paper that I bought at my local craft store.

16. Add sticky strip to the back of your designer paper and wrap it around your marker tower as shown in the picture above.

17. Cut a piece of co-ordinating cardstock 6 ¼ inches by 7 ¼ inches. For my project I used real red cardstock. This will be the lid for the marker tower.

18. Score all four sides of your cardstock at 2 inches.

19. Cut in on one side of all four of the corners until you reach the 2 inch score line. Cut your corners diagonally as pictured above. These will be the tabs that hold the lid together.

20. Add sticky strip to the corner tabs and adhere to the inside making your lid as pictured above.

21. Your lid will now fit on your marker tower like the picture above.
22. Embellish your project and Voila!

Finished product!